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Welcome to the personal webpage of Mikio Aoi! I am currently a postdoc in the lab of Jonathan Pillow where I am working on problems involving large-scale Bayesian nonparametric inference, Bayesian optimization, and modeling and dimensionality reduction for neuronal population dynamics. I'll have some working papers up soon so stay tuned!


The following code is meant to supplement some of the methods that I've developed. It comes with no guarantees and I consider everything in beta in perpetuity. That said, feel free to contact me if you have any trouble or questions implementing anything.

  • This code will perform the rate adjustment to spike-field coherence that is described in my paper on the subject. It includes a demo of the functions using simulated data.
  • For code implementing our GLM approach to measuring rhythmic spike-field coupling, see the webpage of Kyle Lepage.
  • This code is for implementing a method for estimating scalable Bayesian receptive fields.
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High-dimensional neural data analysis

Oscillations and synchrony

Measurement and assessment of cerebral autoregulation

Molecular Evolution

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About Mikio Aoi

My research is aimed on identifying new methods of data analysis that leverages domain knowledge and state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning methods to have more sensitive and informative tools to do science.

I did my graduate work with Mette Olufsen at North Carolina State University on modeling and analysis of cerebral autoregulation. I used a biophysical model to summarize the interactions between physical and regulatory parameters, and used this model in concert with clinical data to asses cerebral autoregulatory function in people suffering from chronic ischemic stroke.

Afterwards, I worked with Uri Eden and Mark Kramer developing metrics for the analysis of rhythmic phenomena in neural systems. We identified how small deviations from underlying assumptions influence metrics of oscillatory synchrony in point process data, and suggested analysis methods that might behave more favorably.

I also worked in collaboration with Tim Gardner developing spectral anlaysis tools for instantaneous frequency estimation using time-frequency representations.

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